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Let us inspiring you. Discover the places, the flavors and the scents of the Valdichiana Region. Make your holiday an extraordinary experience.

A complete museum’s list of Valdichiana Senese, Tuscany

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The first human settlements in the area date back to over 40.000 years ago, but it was the blossoming of the Etruscan civilisation before and the Reinassance then to make the territory unique. Each village of Valdichiana Senese is an open-air museum, but there are many museum with unique features…..

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Calici di Stelle in Montepulciano: a night like any other one, in a town like any other one?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a night like any other one, in a town like any other one, so special? Maybe, just three things are enough: First of all, the night itself. A night during which luminous trails cross the sky, and desires match with falling stars, cannot be…..

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Must-eat: 6 food to taste in Valdichiana


It is well known that in Italy you have the chance to eat well everywhere we are, it is a certain. Especially in Valdichiana, where the culinary tradition merges with history, choosing between a plate or another can be very difficult. Here you can find the six must-eat food of…..

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Ghino di Tacco

A Robin Hood in Tuscany Known as the “Brigante Gentiluomo”, Ghino di Tacco was born at La Fratta around 1265, from a noble family of Torrita. La Fratta at that time was under Torrita di Siena’s control, now in the municipality of Sinalunga. Progenitor Tacco was excluded from the honors…..

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Two lakes to discover in Tuscany


Lake Chiusi and Lake Montepulciano are two places to see (and live) if you are in Valdichiana Senese. Walking or cycling, for a picnic with friends or for relaxing, the two lakes are ideal for nature lovers. The Lake of Chiusi Bordering on nearby Umbria, is the second lake of…..

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Mini guide of Valdichiana Senese’s paths


What a better day to discover a territory if not on foot? The Valdichiana Senese is perfect for the walking lovers: venture among the tracks and the natural trail to discover the single landscape of the Valdichiana, has never been so beautiful. Here there are some paths to discover. THE…..

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