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Lasciati ispirare. scopri i luoghi, i sapori, i profumi della Valdichiana. Fai della tua vacanza un'esperienza straordinaria.

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Must-eat: 6 food to taste in Valdichiana


It is well known that in Italy you have the chance to eat well everywhere we are, it is a certain. Especially in Valdichiana, where the culinary tradition merges with…

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Christmas Tuscan rural menu Montepulciano

The Christmas Menu of Val di Chiana Senese


What do the families of Val di Chiana Senese bring to their table on Christmas Day? The traditional menu that generations of housewives have handed down each other has much…

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Ways of being and Christmas gifts: to each, his/her own journey experience

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"Which gift for whom?" The catchphrase question of this period resonates more powerfully than a Christmas song. In the endless top 10s of the perfect gifts, a journey is an ever-present…

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chianina toscana fiorentina

The home of the Chianina cattle breed


Today's Chianina cattle are the result of a selective breeding programme begun in the last century. The programme was made possible thanks to the work of the most illustrious resident…

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Aglione and Chianina ragù

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Two excellences of the Valdichiana's territory to exalt Pici Pici are an home made pasta original of Valdichiana Senese countryside, very similar to spaghetti, but more irregular and coarse. There…

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Why tuscan bread is unsalted?


Have you ever bite a slice of bread in a Tuscan restaurant, while you were waiting for dishes ordered, and realize it was without salt? The reasons why the typical…

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