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Lasciati ispirare. scopri i luoghi, i sapori, i profumi della Valdichiana. Fai della tua vacanza un'esperienza straordinaria.

Team experiences lavoro di squadra

A team-building trip: 5 Team Experiences in Valdichiana Senese

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Have you ever taken your time to consider how important is the harmony between co-workers? The productivity of a company is very often influenced by the quality of the relationships…

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Le acque termali in toscana

The power of water in the spas of Valdichiana Senese

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Chianciano Terme, Montepulciano e Fonteverde That’s a matter of fact. Every time you hear the word "spa", your first thought is a hot tub, which you dives in. However, beyond…

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Chianciano: not only Thermal Baths

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In the southern end of the siena's province you may discover amazing places: among them is Chianciano Terme, a little city with ancient origins. Firstly, the Etruscan population settled there…

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Welcome autumn! Beauty and the good of this season in Valdichiana Senese

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If the summer vacation "under the Tuscan sun" is now a real must, summer is not the only ideal season to discover Valdichiana Senese. The many woods that mark the…

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Two lakes to discover in Tuscany


Lake Chiusi and Lake Montepulciano are two places to see (and live) if you are in Valdichiana Senese. Walking or cycling, for a picnic with friends or for relaxing, the…

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Mini guide of Valdichiana Senese’s paths


What a better day to discover a territory if not on foot? The Valdichiana Senese is perfect for the walking lovers. Venture among the tracks and the natural trail to…

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Bikes: What A Passion!

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Bicycle is one of the best ways to venture into the landscapes of Val di Chiana Senese and discover its endless panoramas. The area, in fact, offers countless paths along…

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Are you looking for hollidays? 3 thermal centres to discover

Relax has never been so easy in Valdichiana Senese, thaks to the thermal centres through Chianciano Terme, Montepulciano and San Casciano dei Bagni. Firstl of all, the thermal centre in…

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Valdichiana Eating: Discovery and Tradition

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A "complete" knowledge of Val di Chiana cannot be limited to the history and landscapes that this portion of the universe actually offers. Valdichiana Livinig was joined by Valdichiana Eating,…

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Ways of being and Christmas gifts: to each, his/her own journey experience

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"Which gift for whom?" The catchphrase question of this period resonates more powerfully than a Christmas song. In the endless top 10s of the perfect gifts, a journey is an ever-present…

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