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Lasciati ispirare. scopri i luoghi, i sapori, i profumi della Valdichiana. Fai della tua vacanza un'esperienza straordinaria.

A complete museum’s list of Valdichiana Senese, Tuscany

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The first human settlements in the area date back to over 40.000 years ago, but it was the blossoming of the Etruscan civilisation before and the Reinassance then to make…

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Calici di Stelle in Montepulciano: a night like any other one, in a town like any other one?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a night like any other one, in a town like any other one, so special? Maybe, just three things are enough: First of all,…

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Ghino di Tacco

A Robin Hood in Tuscany Known as the “Brigante Gentiluomo", Ghino di Tacco was born at La Fratta around 1265, from a noble family of Torrita. La Fratta at that…

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Bikes: What A Passion!

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Bicycle is one of the best ways to venture into the landscapes of Val di Chiana Senese and discover its endless panoramas. The area, in fact, offers countless paths along…

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Valdichiana Senese and Pienza: Where You Can Easily Get Inspired


Val di Chiana Senese has passed through different eras  over time, each one of which has left its indelible mark, both architecturally and artistically, in our territory. From the Etruscan…

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Ciak! Action in Valdichiana

Ciak! It's time to record! We usually see  the landscape of the Valdichiana Senese and the Val d’Orcia in cinema e and television. Their beauty with the atmosphere from the…

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Hunt for the Treasures of the Senese Art


They are hidden all over the Valdichiana Senese, and they’re all masterpieces of the Scuola Senese’s exponens, the art school that flourished between the XII and the XV century,  but…

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Renaissance in Tuscany: Personality and Masterpieces

The Renaissance was the first real crashing point with past that the history of humanity has never lived. This period between 14th and 16th century was full of changes in…

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Beata Bonizzella Cacciaconti: the bees miracle

Bonizzella Cacciaconti, born around 1230-1235, is an important character for the community of Trequanda. Several miracles are attributed to her, in life and after death. Noble and rich, she devoted her life…

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