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Ways of being and Christmas gifts: to each, his/her own journey experience

“Which gift for whom?” The catchphrase question of this period resonates more powerfully than a Christmas song. In the endless top 10s of the perfect gifts, a journey is an ever-present classic.
Whether it last a week, or just one day, a journey is a gift, which will always deliver unforgettable experiences.

Choosing the destination can be simple, but planning something that is in line with the personality and interests of the recipient of the gift, and maybe even with the budget of the sender, is not so obvious.

In Val di Chiana Senese, a beautiful area in Southern Tuscany about 40 km from Siena, there is an experience for everyone: you just have to choose the right person to whom you would like to give it away:

THE SPORT LOVER: A tour by bike 32 km on the slopes of Mount Cetona, pedalling through woods, country roads and areas of historical and natural interest. Hiking on Mount Cetona for those who prefer to walk to the summit of the mountain … and the picnic is included.
THE GOURMAND: The Gourmet Tour in Val di Chiana is a tour, which includes various steps at several companies, which produce and sell the local specialties: Pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. For the more “carnivorous” ones, we suggest a Chianina tour with a visit to a farm involved in the breeding of the biggest cattle in the world, with a tasting of high-quality meat.
THE MOVIE LOVER: Explore the area between Montepulciano and Pienza, with a tour on the set of “I Medici-Masters of Florence”, the Rai fiction starring Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden. Alternatively, the New Moon tour will lead you among the alleyways of Montepulciano, which Bella Swan crosses at top speed, in the feverish last scene of the movie, when she reaches out and saves his charming vampire Edward Cullen, in Piazza Grande.
THE SOMMELIER: The tour to the cellars in the historical center of Montepulciano is one of the many experiences dedicated to wine lovers; the tour includes a guided visit to the underground cellars of Montepulciano, where Vino Nobile di Montepulciano “rests” in huge barrels, waiting to be tasted.
THE RELAXATION LOVER: In Val di Chiana there are three spa towns, a few kilometers away from each other. Besides to the admission to the spa, or a body treatment, a Spa and Wellness Tour is the opportunity to let you enjoy even some more emotion.
THE EXPLORER: Here are some interesting and engaging experiences designed for those who like to visit, learn and discover a place, without the risk of getting bored. Prehistory Tour in Cetona, The Mysteries of the Etruscans, the Castle and its Courtyard in Sarteano.
THE NONCONFORMIST: If the hills of Tuscany are in themselves a special gift, just think of the possibility of admiring them on an original means of transport, as an Ape Calessino car, a Vespa from the 50s, a coach or a horse.

If you can think about someone like that, in your list of family and friends, you just need to choose the right experience for them. The landscape of Val di Chiana and the nearby Val d’Orcia will do the rest.