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Once upon a time there was, and there still is, Christmas in Valdichiana

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Even though we are still in November, Christmas in Valdichiana Senese has already come. In Montepulciano, the decorated tree has already taken its place, the Christmas markets started the last weekend, and the Castle of Santa Claus has opened its doors. Chianciano Terme has got the Christmas ball rolling at the beginning…..

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Life in a small town beyond the usual clichés

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When you are born in a small town, you already have a certainty in life: before you give off the first wail, everyone already knows that you are alive. Eh yes, because life in a small town is exactly this way: just when you walk a step, everyone is well…..

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Welcome autumn! Beauty and the good of this season in Valdichiana Senese

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If the summer vacation “under the Tuscan sun” is now a real must, summer is not the only ideal season to discover Valdichiana Senese. The many woods that mark the nature of this territory dress up with warm colors, almost as if they wanted to contrast the arrival of the…..

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Halloween in Valdichiana Senese: 4 sites to visit with a thrill

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In October, also Valdichiana Senese is ready to welcome the most scary party of the year: Halloween. Although it is famous for its wonders, this area also offers many mystical places, maybe a bit unsettling, but at the same time fascinating. Their distinguishing features, in addition to the charm of…..

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Autumn’s Desserts in Valdichiana Senese

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It is now a matter of fact! When summer gives way to autumn, we suddenly become more greedy. The oven, this stranger, forgotten for 3 months due to the intense heat, is switched on again, and we get again the urge to experiment some new recipe. Maybe inspired by the…..

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The experience beyond the trip: why should you rely on a tour operator?


The experience beyond the trip: why should you rely on a tour operator? If in the past the distinction was between trip and holiday, today the debate has gone far beyond. The holiday has now become something that is well standardized, which is customary with friends, family or the better…..

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