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Let us inspiring you. Discover the places, the flavors and the scents of the Valdichiana Region. Make your holiday an extraordinary experience.

Discovering the Pecorino cheese from Pienza: the secrets of a most tasteful tradition

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Not only wineries: next to the vineyards and the long rows of barrels where wine is stored, the Valdichiana Senese features some special places that have become an obligatory stop for all those who love traditional products and the particular taste of this land. We are talking about the dairy…..

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Le acque termali in toscana

The power of water in the spas of Valdichiana Senese

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Chianciano Terme, Montepulciano e Fonteverde That’s a matter of fact. Every time you hear the word “spa”, your first thought is a hot tub, which you dives in. However, beyond every hot spring, there is much more than an experience of immersion just for relaxation. We are well aware that…..

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Lets Learn How to Make Pici, the Tradition Plate of Valdichiana!

Lets learn how to make pici, the tradition plate of Valdichiana! Pici is one of the famous plates of our territory, one of the distinguishing elements of Valdichiana comes for the lengthy traditions of our citizens that have characterized our countryside. Making pasta by hand, thicker than the usual spaghetti,…..

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Valdichiana Senese Surrounded by Warm Autumn Colors

  Valdichiana Senese Surrounded by Warm Autumn Colors. If you believe that summer is the only season you should visit Valdichiana Sense, it’s time to change your mind. Besides your summer vacation “Under the Tuscan Sun” being a must, summer is not the only ideal season to visit this wonderful…..

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“Wednesday with Nobile”: a territory told by its wine-and-food

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Wine-and-food tells the territory It is often said that there is nothing like the regional products of a territory to tell its history and culture. It is precisely the fruits of the earth.  To tell us how men have shaped the landscape where they live we must look at agriculture,…..

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Fire place: Heritage and Folktales.

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Since the beginning  of time, word of mouth, and storytelling has been the best tool to reach out and pass our heritage and folktales to future generations. It was a simpler time, back when houses didn’t have TVs, computers, smart phones, and heaters,  families of the region (Valdichiana) passed winter…..

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